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homestarrunner.com Has the classic number 404 on an index card with some doodles. Has links for the lost user. Even yells 404 at the lost user. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.
christop.com Has the classic 404 in the title bar. Shows a different picture with each missed link. Very nice images, worth hitting over and over again. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

sorabji.com A different type of 404 page. Has the classic 404 file not found. An entry field to tell the what you were looking for, but will actually post on the 404 page for all to see, message board. Also a pull down menu to find your way. Very NICE! Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

fubar Has a graphical 404 with a women shouting, screaming, or something. Warning there is a certain nasty word being used here. Even without the wording, the graphic is what makes this 404 page. Clicking on the image will send the lost one back to the f?c?ed up beyond all recognition front page. Screen shot blinkyFriend entry.

www.psyklone.com Has a mock intrusion 404 page showing that files are being removed from the intruder's machine. Graphical 404. No 404 text mentioned. No links to help the lost user.

Elfwood A very well crafted graphic showing a wooded area with a fairy, and includes the classic 404 in it. Contains a link to get the user back to the front page. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

gaijin.com Graphical 404 error page. Contains a drop down menu at the top of the page to help the lost user. Has two 404 graphics. Has been on the top of the main list long enough. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

3D Realms. Great 404! Changes images with each hit or refresh. Has images of current and past employees, slightly altered. 404NORD - Page Not Found in the page. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

The Dismembered Youth Crops! Has the 404. Has a graphic of a really shocked individual. Two links to help the lost user. Screen Shot. blinkyEmail entry.

Scriba Org Graphical 404 page, showing someone having a nightmare (they must have hit an ugly 404 page in their dream). Large yellow 404 in image with several other reasons why the person in the image is in dismay. Links to help the lost one. Screen shot blinkyEmail entry.

GlassDog World Domination Headquarters Its Big! Its graphical! And its a 404 page! No actual 404 on the page, but a "Four Oh Four, Baby!" in the title. Check out the headquarters as well. Email entry, thanks! April 1999. Screen Shot.

Flab Jab! Its small and has a single image stating & You are lost. (get found) & Clicking on the graphic sends the user to the main page. This error page has the classic 404 in the title. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

spacegirl Very bright 404 page stating "you in the wrong place at the wrong time." If you look good, you can see the faint, large 404. Something to look at in the morning to awake up. Clicking on the 404 sends the user to the main page. Screen Shot.

darksquirrel.com Nice, clean, large graphically 404 page. No links for the lost user, but page will send one to the main page after 15 seconds. There is also a link to send email, move mouse over the dark squirrel. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

Geek Core Shows ahhhh, I guess a geek. His appearance is something like a "Kilroy was here" drawing, with bulging eyes. screen shot blinkyEmail entry.

Burning Man Although I have never been there, I like the animated graphic and the BUMMER. I think a burning 404 would look nice! screen shot

Gillian Anderson Estrogen Brigade Has the classic 404 error in graphical format. Has a picture of one of the stars. Clean with one link back to the front page for those that are lost and looking for the truth. Screen shot blinkyEmail entry.

Big Mister C This page has a very large, green, could be mean, 404 graphic. Ok, so sometimes bigger is better (wide too). Anyway, links for the lost user, clean 404. I like it. Screen Shot. blinkyEmail entry.

JTHZ Productions Very large graphical 404 page. Would explain more, but you just need to see it. Email entry. Screen Shot. blinkyEmail entry.

Linux.com Large graphical 404 with everyone's, well almost everyone's, favorite penguin. Search field to help the lost user with link back to front page.

superbad.com Although not a very helpful 404 page, its interesting "HTML" art. No 404, but I like it. screen shot

things imagined Has a graphical 404 with the classic number included. Has an image of a fax machine in which the buttons are rollovers and links to other areas on the page. Very useful for the lost ones. Screen Shot. blinkyEmail entry.

EarthCam. Has a graphical 404 page. A useful link to their front page to help the lost user. 404 in the title window. Screen Shot

Modern Gypsy Very nice graphical 404. An OOPs! to the lost user with several links to get the lost one on their way. Screen capture. blinkyEmail entry.

paradigm.nu This page is dedicated to the "The Ballad of Code 200". A good read and 404. Has the classic 404 in the text, javascript rollover navigation graphics to help the lost traveler. Nice clean page. screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

SJ Games No 404, but each time you hit the page a different text appears stating what might have happened to the missing page. blinkyemail entry.

Bethany College. Has the classic 404 and someone I remember growing up with during my childhood. Screen capture.

Phrantic's Trailerpark Great page. Lots of graphics, the 404, and links out of your abandoned trailer. Unfortunately, this page is no longer available. Check out the screen shot of this lost page. blinkyEmail entry.

Power and Data Technology Inc. Continuing in the milk carton 404 theme. Contains the ever useful 404 error with some helpful tips. Nice image of the milk carton. Screen shot. blinky Email entry!

The Real Beer Page. Has graphics and form entries. Does not contain the classic 404, but just File Not Found. But this is made up for in the FREE virtual beer. Screen shot. blinky Friend entry!

JavaSoft This 404 has improved! Lots of graphics, a graphical 404, a java applet, and links to help ya out. I like it. Screen shot.

Lego. Does not have the classic 404 in the page, but in the title bar. Shows a construction crew made out of Legos working on the problem. Toolbar on the right side, a plus, to aid the lost user. Screen Shot. blinkyEmail entry.

Florida Online A simple page. Has the 404 and a graphic of the milk carton. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

squishymatter Nice, clean, simple 404 page. Javascript mouse rollovers to make selections, "squishy." Links to help the lost user. Screen shot.

Afterdinner. No classic 404 shown, but interesting and distrubing at the same time. I like it!!! Just take a look. Screen shot. blinkyEmail entry.

mesmerized.org Nice, simple, graphical 404, page, with links for the lost traveler. Like it. screen shot.

Bethany College Has the classic 404. Not much to help the lost user. It is an oldie, but a goodie. Oh no.... Screen shot. blinkyFriend entry.

snark.co.il The 404 in the page and in the title. Has, what looks to be, an old women from a classic movie asking "O, are we lost, Dear?" There is a link to the front page. If you got time, take a look at that front page. Screen shot.

brutal.comHas a bunny that changes position with every hit.

cold-dead-fish.com Has a harsh 404 page, stating that you are an idiot. blinkyEmail entry.

Allusive.Net Has a graphical 404 image. Nice background image. Rest of page interesting! screen shot

Inficad Computing and Design - Once lost, but now back. Lots of graphics and the classic 404. Thanks Christopher! Screen shot.

zug.com Pages shows some other things that are missing besides this page. Contains links for the lost user. Email entry.

Took the car in to get repaired and this is the number they gave.  Somehow they knew?

Non-internet 404. Took the car in to get repaired and this is the number they gave. Somehow they knew?

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