If you are using the Sun Java Plug-in for your browser's Java Runtime, and have not already done so, please do the following steps to allow applets with 64MB of memory requirements to run properly:
  1. Shutdown (exit) your browser(s).
  2. Then run the "Java(TM) Plugin Control Panel"

    The control panel looks something like this,

  3. Click on the Java tab, the under the "Java Runtime Parameters" section, click on the View button.
  4. Please type the following (exactly as shown):


    Then click apply button, as shown in the image below.

These steps will allow your browser that uses the Plugin to run Java to use up to 256MB of memory. You can change the number 256 to a different value if needed -- this should be less than the total amount of memory your machine has. You may need to do this every time you update the Java Plugin, as well.